Why should Legionnaire security be your key holder?

Key Holding- This is where we could hold a copy a key of your home or business and carry out regular patrols/checks; we could also response to any alarms. 

The benefit of using Legionnaire security is we would provide a security dog section to do regular checks/patrols and also response to any alarm activations if there are any intruders our security dog sections would be able to track and locate intruder on site within a few minutes. We could carry out full Building/site search. 

Finding a trustworthy key holder is an important part of running a successful business. An increasing number of businesses understand the risks involved with having their own employees as a key holder. 

With this in mind, more companies are now opting to manage this risk by outsourcing their key holding to a professional security company.

All Legionnaire Mobile security officers/Dog section are fully trained and licensed in accordance with SIA regulations.

We provide the fastest response times for key holding and alarm response within the industry by the unique use of our Quality operating system. As your key holder, we ensure your keys are secured on your site. In the event of an alarm activation our nearest Mobile patrol/Dog section officer can attend, therefore reducing time spent collecting keys from
a central point. 

Response is the key to damage limitation. The sooner we get there the less chance of unnecessary damage/disruption. We could also provide general mobile patrol check; this is when an officer would carry out random patrol on premises on regular basis. It is to provide security presence, check external and/or internal security.